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sunday's Methodology for Ranking Top Restaurants

Is your establishment in the top 150 restaurants on Google Maps?

sunday meticulously analysed the online presence of restaurants in several locations via Google Maps.

This ranking system is based on an overall rating that assigns review scores from 0 to 5, as well as on the total number of reviews, which reflects both the popularity of the restaurant and customer engagement.


restaurants analysed


zones: United States, France, United Kingdom


different restoration categories

The algorithm

sunday has developed a custom algorithm to calculate a Google Reviews score for each restaurant. Key factors include the weighting of scores. Scores above 4 receive a boost, highlighting exceptional quality. Restaurants with scores below 4 or 3.5 suffer a deduction, guaranteeing quality standards.

Classification process

More than 100,000 restaurants were analysed in three regions: the United States, France and the United Kingdom. The rankings of the best restaurants are based solely on Google Reviews scores. Some regions come close to completeness, but due to high turnover in the restaurant industry and the breadth of the scope, we cannot guarantee complete coverage in all geographical areas.

Highlight of the collaboration with sunday

sunday proudly highlights the restaurants with which they collaborate, underlining the mutual benefit and increased visibility offered by this partnership. However, none of sunday's partner restaurants received an additional boost to their Google Reviews scores.

Access to rankings

Depending on the city and the category of restaurant, access to the top data may be free or require specific provision. This methodology combines analytical rigour with a transparent, fair and balanced approach to the rankings, ensuring that both diners and restaurants recognise the value and accuracy of the results.

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