Pay at Table

"Check please" is a thing of the past.

With our integrated QR codes, your customers pay in seconds, right at their table.

More time for guests

"sunday has had a positive impact on the guest experience and team member efficiency, by providing our customers with a faster, more convenient option to pay at the table. The guest no longer has to wait on a server to bring a check, or process a payment. The time saved for our team is invaluable, as it allows them to focus on what's important, which is taking care of the guest."
Mike Maycumber

More tips

"The staff likes the increase in Googe Reviews mentioning them, and the increase in tips while using sunday. The marketing value of the Google Reviews alone makes it worth a go!"
Hailey Weeg, GM

More Google Reviews

"Google Reviews are the biggest driver for our sunday usage - it's incredible what sunday has done for our reviews and average rating"
Brett Ramsdell

No checks to split

"sunday has made it much easier for our large parties to pay their checks how the want and allows our staff to focus on the guest experience instead of splitting checks"
Brian Jennings, Director of Training and Operations

Easier shift

"it just makes our life much easier. sunday is perfectly integrated to our POS system, when people pay I know instantly. There's nothing easier than telling somebody you can close this right here and do the 10 other things you would like to do"

Get more of everything. Except costs.

More clients. More time. More tips. More reviews. More and more, for less and less.


Diners per year.


Tips collected.


5* Google reviews.

2M hours

Saved by your team.

More turnover.

Welcome up to 15% more customers by getting rid of bill waiting time.

More time for your staff.

Save up to 10 minutes per table so that your staff can focus on taking care of your guests.

More pleasant time for your guests.

Waiting for your order is exciting, but waiting for your check isn't. Now, your guest leave whenever they are ready.

And yes, less costs.

sunday Pay at Table offers cheaper transaction costs based on your usage.

The simplest way for guests to pay.

The best experience for your guests: 10 seconds to pay, leave a tip, leave a review, and get a receipt.

View the menu

No more paper menu to bring. Your guests scan the QR code for instant access to the menu. And they order with the staff.

Split the bill

Leave the hassle bill-splitting to your guests (by item, seat, number of people or a custom amount), so that your employees can concentrate on service.

Leave a tip

Tip in a tap, on the app.

Pay in seconds

Whether it's with Apple Pay, Google Pay, AmEx, Visa, Mastercard. As long as it's easy.

Leave a review

The customer always has the last word, which is why we encourage your guests to leave a comment once payment has been made. You'll be notified in the event of a negative review.

Get your receipt

They're looking for the receipt? It's already in their inbox.

Test it by yourself!

Scan the QR code with your smartphone to access to the demo.

Make your shift easier.

Each feature has been specifically designed to be easy to use, both for your employees and your customers.

Empower your business with sunday.

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Support ready for you.

7 days

To receive your QR and be ready.


Walk out coverage.

Already integrated to your system

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The payment methods built for restaurants.

Online or on site, before or after, eat in or takeaway, the payment solutions for all types of venues and for all use cases.