Smart Handheld

The handheld to make your operation simpler.

Connected to your POS, we offer the only handheld specifically designed for restaurants.

0 errors when cashing up

"Cashing out is automated since we have both handhelds & QR codes. All the invoices are automatically recorded, with the push of a button you get all data consolidated with lower chances of mistakes"
Alex, owner of Japes

1 hour saved per service

"In a restaurant where there are multiple handhelds, the team have to print z-reads from each machine to add them up, which inevitably takes more time. Here, all we have to do is access the back office on sunday and we have the whole list of payments."
Jean-Philippe, server at Ephemera

It also takes payments.

Get more time, more tips, happier guests and lower costs.




Tips collected


Downloaded receipts


Bills split

More time during the service.

With our POS integration, no more bill splits to calculate or input in your POS. It's all done on the handheld and your tables close automatically.

More time at the end of service.

Save time cashing up and reconciling your payments: 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes. All with no mistakes.

No more searching for receipts.

Customers automatically receive a digital receipt, but you can also send them direct from your dashboard.

No more connection issues.

Forget connection issues with our WiFi or Ethernet connected terminals, all with a 4G backup (that also work offline)

And yes, lower costs.

Combined with sunday Pay at Table we offer the cheapest transaction costs on the market.

Take payments as usual, but get more

Split a check, leave a tip, give a review, get a digital receipt. It does it all.

Bill retrieving & split

Simply enter the table number to automatically retrieve the bill amount retrieving. And split it on the handheld.

Leave a rating

Your guests tell you how much they like it, or not. In a single click.

Leave a tip

With amounts suggested based on the previous rating, your guests can leave a tip in one click on the handheld and your staff are notified instantly.

Pay in seconds

All payment methods accepted: Apple Pay, Google Pay, AmEx, Visa, Mastercard.

Get your receipt

After successfully paying, guests can scan a QR code to receive their receipt directly in their e-mail box.

Leave a Google review

With the same QR code, they can leave a Google Review. In case of a bad review your staff is instantly notified.

From an everyday tool into an everyday must-have.

Smart features to maximize your team's efficiency during and after the shift.

Easy bill splitting

No more calculations or headaches for your staff. Bills can be split automatically on the handheld (by item, seat, number of people or a custom amount).


Configure your devices according to your service preferences.

Multiple users

Create profiles for each of your waiters, making it much easier to collect bills when one of their tables is ready to be paid.

Empower your business with sunday.

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The payment methods built for restaurants.

Online or on site, before or after, eat in or takeaway, the payment solutions for all types of venues and for all use cases.