Time is money: save both with sunday.

Tailored accounting for your CFO and your accountant.

The best thing for accounting since spreadsheets.

sunday gives you everything you need to count every penny, and make every penny count.

No more errors.

Re-assign the right payment method in case of manual changes or mistakes.

Manage taxes, refunds & adjustments in seconds.

Full breakdown of key figures, including taxes, refunds, adjustments, card types and more.

Stop looking for a payment.

All payments are consolidated in a single place, accessible through a simple dashboard.

Your finances. Your tools. Your way.

All in one place.


Full traceability and metadata from the payment to you bank account.

Tax management

Breakdown of key references to manage your taxes simply.


Access multiple types of reports tailored to your needs.

Multi venues

Manage the finances in all your venues with a single dashboard or report.


Keep track and get instant access to all invoices, no matter when they were issued.

The payment methods built for restaurants.

Online or on site, before or after, eat in or takeaway, the payment solutions for all types of venues and for all use cases.

Empower your business with sunday.

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More features to improve your operations.

Staff appNEW

Offer your staff full control.

The only app that makes work easier for each individual member of your team.

Smart menuNEW

Your menus could do more than just sit there.

Make your menu upsell for you.

End of shift NEW

It's the the end of lengthy closing procedures.

Save precious time, every shift.