Digital Tab

Open tab made easy.

Securely open & close tabs without dealing with physical cards.

Tabs can be used to be tricky.

Allow your guests & your staff to manage open tabs easily.

More turnover.

Welcome up to 15% more customers by simplifying operations.

More time for your staff.

Ready to go home but stuck shuffling through receipts? It's a thing of the past. sunday closes automatically when a guest settles their tab.

More tips.

Delight your employees with pre-selected tips that can amount to up to 10% more their usual total.

More positive Google reviews.

Get on top of your Google game with up to 5 times more reviews, highly encouraged at the end the payment process.

A better experience for your guests.

No more waiting for your guests. They can enjoy their time from start to finish and not worry about missing their cards.

And yes, less costs.

Optimize your labor costs thanks to digital tab.


Based on usual open tab flow, our digital tabs are instinctive and well-adapted for all levels of experience.

Open a tab

And enter your card details to open a tab.

View the menu

No more paper menu to bring. Your guests scan the QR code for instant access to the menu. And they order with the staff.

Split the bill

Leave the hassle bill-splitting to your guests (by item, seat, number of people or a custom amount), so that your employees can concentrate on service.

Leave a tip

Tip in a tap, on the app.

Pay & close the tab

Whether it's with Apple Pay, Google Pay, AmEx, Visa, Mastercard. As long as it's easy.

Leave a review

The customer always has the last word, which is why we encourage your guests to leave a comment once payment has been made. You'll be notified in the event of a negative review.

Get your receipt

They're looking for the receipt? It's already in their inbox.

Easier for them. Way easier for you.

sunday helps you keep track of the open tabs, and makes sure you get paid for the closed ones.

Push notifications

Get notified if a tab is open or close to best manage your tables.

Menu builder

Manage your menu in one click, change it, translate it automatically, make it dynamic so that it adapts to time & zone.

Multi users

An open tab can be split between guests in one click.

Staff performance

Reward your best staff, and challenge the ones who need it with real data on your staff performance: tips, rating, upsell.

End of shift

Save time to close the till and reconciliate all payments: 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes.


All the info you need to manage your staff & venue: who performs well, what is most sold, what guests like.

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