Build customer loyalty
A personalized rewards program that let’s you connect with guests and drive repeat visits

Why have your own loyalty program

  • Encourage repeat visits
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase spend
  • Create brand awareness
  • Build out your mailing list

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How it works

Your guests earn points

You’ll design the points threshold members need to reach before they receive their reward. $1 = 1 point.

They unlock rewards

It’s then up to you what you want to gift members. You might want to offer 10% off their next visit, for example.

Integrated into your payment flow

Once you have a loyalty program in place, new users will be made aware that they can join and earn rewards as they pay with sunday. Once they hit a reward, we’ll email them a promo code to use on their next visit.

Track active loyalty members

Understand how your rewards program is working across all your sites - how much it is costing you, the number of active users and what your return on investment is.

Stay in touch

You’ll be able to collect email addresses from guest opt ins. From then on you’ll be able to add them to your newsletter and connect with guests beyond their visit.

200 new weekly loyalty members at Kanada-Ya

  • 1 loyalty program; 5 restaurants
  • 20% of customers sign up
  • Reward mechanism: spend $100, get $20

Got a question?

  • Is this the same as a stamp card?

    Our digital loyalty program replaces the traditional paper stamp cards with a convenient mobile solution. Each time a guest makes say a coffee purchase using our digital payment system, they will earn loyalty points. Once they have accumulated a certain number of points, they can redeem them for a free coffee or other rewards. It's a seamless and eco-friendly way to reward your loyalty and enjoy the benefits of our program.

  • Do loyal customers spend more?

    Yes, studies show that repeat customers have higher average transaction values compared to new customers. By implementing a loyalty program, you can further incentivize and reward customer loyalty, encouraging them to choose your restaurant, bar or coffee shop and spend more frequently. Who knows, they might get a croissant with their next coffee!

  • How do I know if I need a loyalty program for my restaurant?

    If you want to enhance customer retention, increase customer engagement, and differentiate your restaurant from competitors, a loyalty program can be highly beneficial. It helps build strong relationships with your guests, encourages repeat visits, and provides a platform to reward their loyalty.

  • I have multiple restaurants. Can I have one loyalty program?

    Absolutely! We offer a versatile loyalty program solution that can be tailored to accommodate multiple locations. With our centralized platform, you can manage and track loyalty program activities across all your restaurants efficiently. For enterprise customers with specific requirements, we invite you to get in touch, so we can discuss your needs in more detail.

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