Power your venue with digital menus
A single platform for managing your menus and taking payments

Why digital menus are a must

  • Encourage re-ordering
  • Increase spend per head
  • Save on printing costs
  • Update them whenever you need in seconds
  • Display them in multiple languages
  • Highlight allergens
  • Guests never have to wait

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How it works

Upsell & cross-sell

Would you like a side of fries with that steak? Or a brownie to end the night? Drive average ticket value by showcasing recommended items before guests are ready to order. An extra couple of side dishes are enough to make a big difference!

Your brand in the spotlight

Highlight your brand universe: photos, logos, social media, etc.

Allergens, tags & extras

Add relevant tags to any menu item that make it easy for guests to identify allergens and other specifications. You can also add extras and modifiers that allow diners to customize their dish - think “more cheese”, “XXL” or “make it Vegan”.

Time & zone configurations

Have a brunch menu or happy hour special? You can configure at what time and day menus are visual, along with assigning them to specific zones, like a lobby that only serves snacks and drinks.

Automatic translations

Create your menus in English and we'll take care of translating them into different languages making them accessible for your international diners.

Got a question?

  • Can guests order with the menus?

    With our mobile Order & Pay solution, guests have the option to order directly through the menus. However, if you prefer a traditional order-taking approach, our Pay at Table solution allows guests to browse the menu digitally, but their order will be taken by waitstaff as usual. This option is ideal for casual and upscale dining establishments.

  • How many menus can I have?

    Our digital mobile menu solution allows you to have multiple menus tailored to your specific needs. Whether you offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, or special event menus, our platform can accommodate them all. You have the flexibility to create and manage as many menus as you want! The possibilities are endless!

  • Do I need photos for my menu?

    No, it is not mandatory to have photos on your menu. While photos can be effective in showcasing dishes and enticing customers, we understand that many restaurants prefer a a clean, text-based menu with no imagery. The choice is yours, and we are here to assist you with either option.

  • Are digital menus cheaper than printed menus?

    Yes, digital menus are often more cost-effective than printed menus. With digital menus, you eliminate the recurring expenses of printing new menus whenever there are updates or changes. Additionally, you save on costs associated with designing, printing, and distributing physical menus. Digital menus also offer the flexibility to make real-time updates and changes at no additional cost.

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