the fastest way to pay in restaurants

· turn tables quicker
· increase average spend
· get more tips
· save money, save time

your customers can view the menu and pay the bill in 10 secs


with any smartphone, customers can scan the QR code on their table to get instant access to the menu. once dishes chosen, a waiter will come around to place the order. with the same QR code, diners can pay the bill in as little as 10 seconds

going out in groups could not get easier. With no more complicated calculations, friends can choose to split the bill evenly or pay for the items they ordered, giving them back control and making service feel like a breeze

the integrated quick-click feature makes tipping easy, fun and frictionless. As the industry continues to pivot to cashless, the predefined tipping options make it effortless for customers to show their appreciation and for restaurants to reward their staff

rather than waiting for someone to bring the bill, customers can pay quickly and securely through sunday

trusted by +1,500s leading hospitality brands

making the lives of restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs and hotels that much easier

seamlessly integrated with the hottest POS systems

it’s a win win

up to 15 min saved per table

more tips

+12% average basket

+60% adoption rate

up to 15min saved per table

+40% more tips

+10% average basket

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