Double your tips
Attract, motivate and retain staff with higher tips

Why sunday brings you more tips

  • Better guest experience with less waiting
  • Integrated tip feature inside checkout flow
  • Pre-calculated tip prompts make it easy
  • We’re in a cashless era - we make tipping a no brainer

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How it works

More tips

Despite going digital, your staff will never have to compromise on tips. We give you the choice to customise your tip thresholds, with the choice to push tip percentages, fixed amounts or both.

Motivate your team

We know building the right team is tough. sunday’s tip solution is something you can leverage to attract waiters and make sure they stick around.

Mobile app for tracking tips

In addition to your dashboard, you'll get access to a mobile app that helps track payments and all the tips that come with them.

Over 30% of guests tip at Jacuzzi

  • 1 in 3 people leave a tip, in addition to service charge
  • 4% tip rate
  • £100-200 in monthly tips per waiter

Got a question ?

  • What if customers want to leave cash tips?

    Diners are more than welcome to leave a tip in cash. However chances are you’ll get more tips through sunday. Our integrated tipping feature is designed to encourage guests to leave a generous amount. You can track your tip earnings directly in your sunday dashboard.

  • Do you redistribute tips to waiters?

    For the time being, we do not offer direct tipping, that is direct transferring of tips to individual waiters. We do however facilitate tip issuing as we allow you to see how much each of your waiters has earned through sunday.

  • Can I customise the suggested tip amounts with sunday?

    Yes, with sunday, you have the flexibility to customise the suggested tip amounts. You can set predefined tip percentages or specific tip amounts that align with your restaurant's preferences and service standards.

  • Can sunday's tipping feature help with staff management in my restaurant?

    Absolutely! sunday's tipping feature not only streamlines the payment process but also provides valuable data on tip distribution. This information can be used to analyse individual staff performance, incentivise teamwork, and optimise staff management in your digital restaurant.

  • Does sunday offer any solutions for restaurant hiring and shift management?

    While sunday primarily focuses on QR code payment solutions, we understand the importance of efficient staff management. Although not directly related to hiring, sunday's tipping feature can help motivate your staff through fair and transparent tip distribution. For comprehensive restaurant hiring and shift management solutions, we recommend exploring dedicated platforms and tools tailored to those specific needs.

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