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Diners per year




Tips redistributed to staff
customers success

4.5 more Google reviews

"I'm a big fan of sunday. We use it in all the sites that we have. When opening a new site the first thing I want is sunday"
Reza, Owner of Naroon

+£250 tips per month

"It takes a lot of stress out. Before sunday taking payments was a massive job. Staff is a major concern for all restaurants and it makes their life easier, which helps me as an owner and my customers"
Sean, Owner of Grasso

0 error when cashing out

"Our team members love it, our clients love it. It helps us reduce our labor cost, get more tips, more reviews. It's the only solution that helps both our metrics as restaurant owner and our staff."
Alex, owner of Japes

80% of payments go through sunday

"All of the team love sunday. This is why 80% of our payments go through sunday"
Maria, Owner of Crudo

The benefits you've ever dreamed of.

Every time a guest pay with a sunday product you get way more than payment: more time, more tips, more reviews, more data, more analytics.

Improve your operations

We believe in smoother shifts for all.

The mobile app to motivate your staff and manage your shifts.

Improve your operations

Make your menu work for you too.

With digital menus, you can manage different areas, times, menu types, add-ons, pictures, languages, allergen and much more.

Improve your operations

Time is money: save on both sides.

Tailored accounting for your CFO and your accountant.

Improve your operations

End your shift the same way you managed it: easily.

Our 30-second end of day reconciliation helps you save up to 30 minutes at the end of every shift.

Retain & motivate your team

Get the most motivated staff ever.

More tips mean better guest-experience, and better staff-retention.

Retain & motivate your team

Uncover your team's full potential.

Gather insightful data about your staff in real-time.

Attract & engage your guests

Become #1 on Google.

Get 5 times the 5-star reviews on Google.

Attract & engage your guests

Take your program to the next level.

sunday integrates with your loyalty program and get 20% of your customers to join it.

Attract & engage your guests

Make it yours.

Seamlessly integrate sunday's payment process in your brand's voice.

Drive your business

Improve your guest satisfaction.

Get 50% more guest feedback so you keep getting better and better.

Drive your business

Manage your business performance.

Turnover, Clients, Spend per head, Acquisition channels and more, at the same place.

Drive your business

Adapt your offer to your clients.

Learn more about your guests' habits and ajust your offer to their needs.