Smart menuNEW

Make your menu work for you too.

With digital menus, you can manage different areas, times, menu types, add-ons, pictures, languages, allergen info and much more.

Would you like any extras for the table?

By going digital, you will get bigger orders with a fewer problems.

Upsell more.

Increase order size with suggested add-ons and recommendations, as well as an increase in orders during the meal with our always available digital menus.

Offer a better experience for your guest.

Cater for foreign customers with menus that dynamically change language to reassure guests and highlight allergens.

Manage your menu easily.

Menus change depending on the time of the day, the areas in your venue or your stock status.

Save costs, trees and headaches.

Stop printing paper menues every day.

Upgrade your digital menu.

Our digital menus come with a wide range of functionalities to make it easier to modify, and easier to navigate.

Dynamic menu

Dynamic menus that change depending on the time of the day, the area in your venue or your stock status.

AI translation

Offer your menu in all languages with no effort: sunday will translate it for you.


Push matching products and combos to maximize upsell.

Tags & Allergens

Reassure your guests by showcasing allergens automatically.

POS connection

Your menu is linked to your POS for automatic updates.

The payment methods built for restaurants.

Online or on site, before or after, eat in or takeaway, the payment solutions for all types of venues and for all use cases.

Empower your business with sunday.

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Support ready for you

7 days

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Walk out coverage

More features to improve your operations.

Staff appNEW

Offer your staff full control.

The only app that makes work easier for each individual member of your team.


Accounting is finally simple.

All the tools you need to manage finance & accounting.

End of shift NEW

It's the the end of lengthy close procedures.

Save precious time at each shift.